Press Release

What begins as a color field evolves into an evocative emotional landscape as painter David Jay Juter creates rich explorations of color, texture and depth. Each piece fuels a universal space, akin to a Rorschach inkblot, into which viewers can plunge and find meaning in their own memories and experiences. Juter’s free-flowing process allows for a degree of play as he splatters on an acrylic gel/molding paste medium, applies and mixes oil paint directly onto the canvas and pulls paint over texture with a two-foot-long piece of Plexiglas, pushing and pulling between conscious and subconscious inspiration. Juter gives up control momentarily only to regain it again, mixing contemporary and traditional elements such as a minimalist grid structure created by the dialog between the pieces and a penchant for traditional paint mediums that harkens back to the Abstract Expressionists.

David Jay Juter currently lives and works in Brooklyn. In 2008, he switched from digital arts to concentrate primarily on painting.

Agora Gallery, 2012